Researches across the world suggest that parents visit more often, spend more money and are more loyal to commercial establishments and restaurants that are child friendly and provide high quality, well-maintained childcare facilities

Believe it or not, children have a powerful impact on their parents’ purchase decisions and families with young kids represent a lucrative demographic. This is also true when it comes to choosing a restaurant or a hotel. Any commercial establishments or restaurants providing childcare amenities is known to attract and bring positive vibes among families, making them loyal customers for life.Therefore, designing any commercial establishment around a child-friendly concept can be a boon for any hotel or restaurant owner.

Although every restaurant or hotel finds itself serving children from time to time, but not all are right fit for children, for instance, a kid-friendly concept won’t work for bars, pubs and high-end diners. But if you are planning to cater to families as customers, then you might need to jot down a few tips to create an environment that appeals to parents.

Let’s explore some of the ideas:
Educate your staff

Children are not always the easiest customers to deal with therefore, childcare needs attentive staff. Many employees working in restaurants and hotels don’t have experience working with children. Therefore, little education and training for the staff members can go a long way.

First, train your staff to seat families on at large tables or specious corners, as small kids, especially newborns, come with extra baggage and having room to accommodate them is important. Also, make mental note of the physical space of the restaurant, that is, whether that corner or table has any plants or open electrical outlets nearby or paintings on the wall that could be easily pulled down by kids. Since children don’t stay in their seats, its always a good thing to be aware of the surrounding.
Prepare your staff

Children have meltdowns, it’s not a rocket-science to know this, but its one thing to be aware, and another thing to be prepared. So, prepare your staff for the worst because how they react when such situation arises makes all the difference in their approach and hospitality, especially for the exhausted parents. Providing a supportive and well experienced staff services can help build loyalty towards your restaurant or hotel.

If a staff member observes that parents are unable to handle a small brat, do not intrude unless asked for or an imminent safety issue arises. Parents may feel caught in between trying to order and handling tantrums from a toddler, in this case, ask them if they would like some extra time to decide the menu. This gesture allows them to address the situation one at a time and are at ease.

The best way to approach parents and offer help is to ask if there is anything you can do. Let the parents know that you are there to help if needed, and if they allow, help by distracting the child’s attention towards items like crayons and activities placements. But if the situation persists, it’s always advisable to back off and let the parents handle it.

Seats Sorted

When it comes to toddlers and tiny adults, they often require special seating arrangements like a high chair or a booster seat. In fact, some chairs come with modified seats that could be pulled up or down as required while some high chairs can easily convert to hold a car seat while maintaining a steady base.

Whatever seating you choose, make sure it has passed all the safety standards, we don’t want to injure a child. Also, keep multiple options of seating to accommodate multiple child diners simultaneously.

Changing Tables

There is no escaping dirty diapers around toddlers and changing diapers is a messy process.So, it is important to facilitate a dedicated section or station in the restroom where it’s easy to change diapers. In fact, make a changing station in both the women’s and men’s restrooms.

When presented with no other option, parents might feel compelled to change diapers around other guests. Having your restroom designed to meet the needs of children really shows that your establishment understands the needs of parent customers. And a changing station in the restroom is exactly what is needed.

Further, you can also stock up on diapers, sanitary bed liners and disposable tissues near the changing station. Anything you can do to help keep the area clean and this will communicate to parents that you care.

Entertainment Zone

Children get bored very easily and they tend to irritate their parents, resulting into a less enjoyable experience for all. This would end up into a decreased likelihood that the family will visit again.

Providing some entertainment options for children would help your business in return. Some of the most popular options is activity placements and crayons. If you want to provide a more open drawing space, consider using butcher paper as a table covering. That way, a child can color all over with no muss or fuss.

These tips and ideas, if implemented, would work wonders for your business in the long run by gaining more loyal customers. Get ready to step up your game to make your restaurant a child’s favorite place to eat. Their parents will thank you and so will your bottom line!

In a Nutshell

A research in 2016 conducted a total of 383 interviews online to explore the possibilities for commercial establishments to earn repeat business from families with children. The outcome was as under:

Boosting the Dining Experience

How can establishments generate loyalty through dining accommodations?

Nearly 8 in 10 are not fully satisfied with the high chairs provided.

70% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with high chairs.

Here’s a Nugget

9 in 10 high chair users expect to find them at fast food and casual sit-down restaurants.

60% of parents use high chairs most or all of the time.

Restroom Relief

How can businesses ease the restroom experience for parents?

Dads for Change

14% mention lack of availability of baby changing stations in men’s rooms.*
73% of parents are more likely to visit businesses with baby changing stations.

86% of parents have used baby changing stations.

Maintenance Pays Off

Safety, cleanliness and maintenance keep families coming back.

25% of parents express a desire for cleaner baby changing stations, disinfecting wipes or liners/table covers.
Top Areas for Improvement

For High Chairs

1. Cleanliness

2. Upkeep of Seat belts/Straps

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