Research highlight that safe sleeping solutions are likely to get satisfied guests
As per the latest research sudden unexpected infant deaths (SUID) had declined since 1992, but are still high as per the figures available. The figures indicate in the year 2015 alone at least 3700 unexpected infant deaths happened in The United States of America.
It may be observed that unsafe sleep environment leads to accidental injuries in the children and in some cases even deaths. This is tragic indeed and can be avoided by providing safe sleep environments by the hotels. When the family is travelling they depend on the hotels to provide safe items for their children.
As per the guidelines given by American Academy of Pediatrics your baby should always sleep in a crib
• Use a crib or bassinet that meets current safety standards.
• Provide your baby with a firm sleep surface.
• Keep the crib empty.
• Avoid using sleep positioning devices because there is no evidence that these are effective and in some cases, they pose a danger to baby if they roll out the device.
The mothers and the care givers trust the cribs to provide the safe and sound sleep for their children. They are the practical solutions that meet the diverse needs of caregivers. Rudimentary cribs have given the way to next generation cribs which are very common in the child care facilities. With advanced engineering and functionality these cribs are more durable, innovative and a safer option for your loved ones.
The safety features like fixed-side or side rail, heavy-duty solid wood slats, mattress board adjusts to two heights, solid steel mattress frame, antimicrobial mattress, converts to evacuation crib with first responder and its new skid-resistant makes the cribs really sought after companion in your safe and sound sleep.

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